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Destination Collection 2oz Sampler 6-Pack

Destination Collection 2oz Sampler 6-Pack

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Until someone figures out how to send a puff of fragrance through our phones or computers, we must rely on good, old fashion writing to describe how amazing our candles smell. But, until “smellavision” is invented, we have a solution. A Spectacular Smellicious 6-pack!
Get (6) 2-oz candles and sniff ‘em all! Then, pick your favorites and order them in the larger sizes once you’ve Met Your Match. It’s a no-brainer. It’s like walking into an ice cream shop and asking for 6 tiny tastes on those teenie little spoons until you find your fav. It’s like going to a brewery and ordering a flight, then when one makes you dance, you order a pint. 
This month’s Smellicious 6-pack includes: Nights in Norway, African Adventure, Sonoma Sunsets, Absolutely Arizona, White Tea in Thailand and High Stakes in Vegas, and we’re betting you will love them all!

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